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Don’t Forget to Clean your Trash Bins or this Could Happen

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Homeowners often reason that trash bins are supposed to be disgusting and fail to adequately clean them for that reason. Even bins that are regularly rinsed out still retain much of their grime and bacteria, resulting in problems ranging from the minor and irksome to downright dangerous. Regularly cleaning your  trash bins can help you avoid these issues.

Rancid Odor

It is trash and it is going to have an odor, you may reason. When you let the trash bins go without a good washing for too long, however, everything from soiled diapers to cat litter, rotten hamburger meat to spoiled broccoli accumulates and meshes together, creating a cacophony of terrible odor that leaves you gagging as you pass the garbage bins each day. No one wants such unpleasantness near their home. The issue worsens tremendously on hot summer days, and even the slightest breeze can waft that foulness into your open windows, riddling your fresh air with the stench of your old refuse.

Uninvited Guests

The scent of garbage is not repulsive to all creatures, but the guests that it attracts are not the kind you invite to dinner. Squirrels, chipmunks and even large raccoons or opossums may think your bins make an excellent home. Rodents attracted to the scent of garbage can move into your home, hoping for more food and shelter. Flies and other insects are annoying and make you feel as if your property is constantly unclean. Keeping a clean trash bin may be all the prevention needed to keep your property pest-free. Avoid the costs of a pest control service by having your trash bins cleaned.

Health Hazard

As irritating as the smell of garbage and the presence of pests can be, they also present a real danger to your health. Buzzing flies and their fellow insects can carry and spread diseases. Angry rodents taking shelter in your bins can bite. The germs and bacteria in your festering trash bins can make the members of your family sick but present an extra danger to individuals with compromised immune systems, such as children, elderly individuals, pregnant women and individuals undergoing treatments for cancer or other diseases. Help stop bacteria from accumulating on your property by keeping bins as clean as possible.

Neighborhood Eyesore

While keeping up with the Joneses can be cumbersome, no one wants to be the eyesore of the neighborhood, either. The smelly refuse and the happy rodents and insects it attracts greatly reduce the loveliness of any home, ruining your hard work on other home improvement projects and creating a nuisance that some nosy neighbors may take it upon themselves to report to the association or township.

Unfortunately simple scrubbing by hose and brush often falls short on trash bins, which accumulate grime and bacteria over time. Regularly cleaning is the best way to remove all traces of refuse from the bins efficiently and safely. Companies like Eco-Clean provide eco-friendly trash bin cleaning services and can even set up a regular bin cleaning schedule to ensure that your bins stay clean.

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