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Trash Bin Cleaning – Why Clean Your Trash?

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Let’s admit it. Your trash bin is the last thing that you think about cleaning, and an easy chore to avoid. Not only is it difficult to clean, it’s nearly impossible to clean.  In fact, why clean it at all?  It is a trash bin. It’s meant to be dirty … right?  Wrong.

You may be surprised to know that trash bin cleaning is not a new idea.  A study from 2007 that was featured on found that there are 411 bacteria per square inch on average in and on your garbage bin.

When you think about it, that’s not just dirty – it is disgusting! You and other family members touch that bin and those bacteria each time you open and close the lid to add trash, or when you wheel the bin to the curb for the weekly trash collection.  You may wash your hands, but think of the doorknobs, garage door openers, and other surfaces that you touch before making it to the sink to wash.  That trail of bacteria needs to be stopped.  You need to clean your trash bins. Period.

Luckily, the next step is easy and it doesn’t involve gloves, a toothbrush, or putting your head in the bin. Simply contact us and we will clean your germ-ridden trash bin at your home using an eco-friendly high-pressure hot water wash.  We will even capture all wash water to prevent storm drain pollution.  We don’t stop there.  We will also degrease, sanitize and deodorize your bins, using EcoLogo certified eco-friendly products.  That’s a service you can feel good about, and a bin you can feel good about using.

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