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What Is Pure Water Window Washing, and Why Should You Have It Done?

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Let’s face it – cleaning windows is a chore that no one particularly enjoys. You can do it yourself with window cleaner, you can use a low-pressure washing system, or you can hire a professional to use purified water to wash your windows. Purified water window washing is an excellent way to make sure your windows really and truly shine with absolutely no streaks.

The Trouble with the Tap

Most homeowners and window washing companies will still use plain tap water derived from an outdoor hose to clean their windows. While this is certainly very convenient, there are a few problems with this. The water provided to your home or business from the city is treated with a variety of things including chlorine. It also contains particulates that can cause hard water buildup and residue. If you’ve noticed hard water spots in your tub or on your stainless steel faucets, then you’ve seen those particulates in action. They’ll also end up on your windows if that’s how you choose to clean them.

What Is Purified Water, Exactly?

Purified water is water that fewer than 10PPM (parts per million) of impurities. The vast majority of those impurities are removed through mechanical filtration, but unlike other types of treated water, purified water is also subject to additional processes like distillation, deionization, or even reverse osmosis, which removes even more particulates than any other method. As such, purified water is the absolute cleanest form of water.

Why Is It Better for Washing Windows?

Water that has not been purified can contain more than 10PPM of impurities. When this water comes into contact with any surface, it will eventually begin to evaporate. As it does so, the impurities cannot turn into water vapor, and the water vapor cannot carry the impurities away. Because of this, the impurities are left behind on the surface. When it comes to cleaning your windows, this means everything from spots and hard water stains to streaks. That are a pain to remove.

The Hidden Benefits

One of the best things about purified water window washing is the fact that it can often eliminate the need to use soap or chemicals. Just like impure water, soap can also leave streaks behind. Rinsing windows, washing with soap, and then washing the soap away also takes contractors far more time than simply spraying and scrubbing the the windows with pure water. This process will provide your home or business with beautifully clean streak-free windows.

Purified water is the cleanest form of water. Using this water to clean windows can provide you with a much better result for about the same cost of traditional window cleaning, but without the use of soaps and chemicals. Give us a call, and schedule your next window cleaning.

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