About Us

We are a Central New Jersey family-owned and operated full-service power washing & pressure washing company. We provide exterior cleaning solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Our goal and mission is to provide our customers with the most effective, and most efficient cleaning solutions to help maintain the look, and longevity of their properties; while focusing on customer satisfaction. Here at Eco-Clean we a recognize the importance of sustainability, that’s why we practice eco-conscious methods in all of our services.

Why Us?

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Low-pressure washing method

Yes, we offer power washing. Yes, we use high-pressure in some of our cleaning methods. But we would never use it on your home or business; and you should never hire a contractor that does. Our low-pressure washing solution removes the risk of property damage involved with high-pressure. We clean your property with a low-pressure soft wash (about the same as a garden hose), and it will leave it looking spotless.

Trash bin cleaning service

Here at Eco-Clean we offer New Jersey’s first automated trash bin cleaning service. Trash containers are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, not to mention, they stink. On the other hand, cleaning your bins the “old fashioned way” and letting the waste water run-off into our sewers, creates a hazard to the environment. That is why we offer a green solution to clean, sanitize and maintain your trash bins and containers.

Exterior cleaning maintenance

“A goal without a plan, is just a wish.” That’s the exact mentality we have when we take on any project. We believe in order to achieve the cleaning goals of your property, there has to be a plan. That’s why we work with our customers to work towards, and encourage a cleaning maintenance plan. We look towards the future, and hope to be with our customers for the long run.

Our Service Area

We currently service the Central New Jersey area, including Monmouth County, Ocean County, & Middlesex County. The areas listed below include some of our popular locations of our current customer base. Don’t see your area listed, or is outside of our service area? Give us a shout, we take-on projects from all over.

Central New Jersey:

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