Window Cleaning

Let us make your windows shine.

A clear and effective window cleaning method:

Let’s face it – clean windows are a reflection of your home, building, or property. Your windows and glass doors are the first and last thing you seesee when entering and leaving your home. Pure water window cleaning is an excellent way to make sure your windows really and truly shine with absolutely no streaks. Eco-Clean offers residential and commercial window cleaning services using a purified water cleaning application. Why pure water, and what does this mean for your windows? The mineral free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot free windows without the use of chemicals. It keeps windows looking cleaner longer, leaving no residue or build up on the surface

How does it work?

Purified water is water that has fewer than 10PPM (parts per million) of impurities. The vast majority of those impurities are removed through mechanical filtration, but unlike other types of treated water, purified water is also subject to additional processes like distillation, deionization, or even reverse osmosis, which removes even more particulates than any other method. One of the best things about purified water window cleaning is the fact that it can often eliminate the need for soap. Just like impure water, soap can also leave behind streaks. Rinsing windows, washing with soap, and then washing the soap away also takes far more time than simply cleaning your windows with purified water.

What are the benefits?


Our window cleaning application ensures you are left with clear and streak-less windows. By using a pure water system containing zero TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and zero chemicals, your windows remain spot-free.

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No chemicals, and no soap means our window cleaning method is friendly to our environment. We simply use purified water.

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It’ll leave your windows
Streak free

We don’t use any cleaning agent or soaps which often leaves behind those unwanted streaks. The water used is free from any impurities, and your windows will reflect that.

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Quicker &
More Efficient

All window washing is done from the ground – which means, no ladders, no dangerous scaffolds. Removing these from the equation also makes it a quicker process.

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