Trash Chute Cleaning

Provide your residents with healthier surroundings.

Trash chute cleaning: an often overlooked necessity.

Cleaning your property’s trash chutes and compactors may not be at the top of your list. The truth is, when dirty, the potential smell, bacteria and mold can enter common areas, hallways and even dwelling places inside of your building. Residents may even be exposed to potential health problems caused by the contamination from dirty trash chute and compactors. Trash chute and compactor cleaning is a necessary step in your building‘s maintenance.

The Process

Eco-clean offers maintenance plans to clean, sanitze, and maintain your property’s trash chute and compactors. Our cleaning method includes a multi-step process that addresses dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, and odor. Regardless of the size of your building, we have the appropriate equipment to completely and professionally clean your trash chutes. Our maintenance service reflects your commitment to provide a pleasant, safe and healthy atmosphere to residents.

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We examine all chutes for obstructions. We begin to hand scrape the interior and exterior of the compactors and the chute doors.

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A 360° spinning pressure head is lowered into the chute, spraying 3000 PSI hot water. We also pressure wash the compactor interior/exterior.

Trash chute wth trash chute doors

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We apply and dwell our eco-friendly degreaser/enzyme cleaning solution to the trash chute, compactor and trash room walls.

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The doors are cleaned and shined while a deodorizer is applied to the chute. Finally, we clean the trash room and remove all the wash water.

The Benefits of Trash Chute Cleaning


A trash chute cleaning maintenance plan offers a number of benefits for your building. The health benefits and improved resident experience will be appreciated immediately.

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Our trash chute cleaning service utilizes eco-friendly degreasers and cleaning agents.

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Foul Odors

Our enzyme treatment neutralizes bad odors, and we add a scented deodorizer.

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Control Mold
& Bacteria

Maintenance cleaning programs help remove and control harmful mold and bacteria.

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Prevent Dangerous
Health Hazards

A proactive approach provides your residents with a clean and healthy environment.

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