Exterior Cleaning Services

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A few of our exterior cleaning services:

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Low-Pressure House Washing

Our low-pressure soft wash application leaves your house looking brand new, without the potential risk of damage from a high pressure wash. Our low pressure house wash solution allows us to get your home looking spotless, whether it is vinyl siding, dryvit, stucco or brick.

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Pressure Washing

When high pressure is needed for certain jobs, we have the ability to use a hot water or cold water hig-pressure wash. With the ability to reach temperatures as high as 180 degrees. Cleaning pavers, brick walkways, concrete sidewalks and driveways, and popping that pesty gum are performed with the correct equipment and with the professional know-how to get it done.

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Surface Cleaning

Whether your in need of dumpster pad cleaned or a patio; finding a pressure-washer is a dime a dozen. But Eco-clean’s surface cleaning solution is a step above the rest. We offer high-pressure, hot water washes. Additionally, we have the option of using biodegradable, eco-friendly products, for those really grimy surfaces. The best part is, when we are all done we cart away all the recaptured wash water from the cleaning.

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Trash Bin Cleaning

Our trash bin cleaning solution offers an eco-friendly way to clean those dirty, smelly trash bins. We offer service plans to clean, sanitize, and maintain your trash bins. We come right to your driveway or residence, where clean your bins with a high-pressure hot water wash and recapture all wash water to prevent strom drain pollution. We also degrease, sanitize and deodorize your bins, using EcoLogo certified eco-friendly products.

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Dumpster Cleaning

Dirty dumpsters can be cause a negative impact on your business or organization. Whether it is the eyesore or the smell, they can deter potential customers. Not to mention, the possible health risks of having your employee shoulder deep in a bacteria lined trash container, and then bringing it into your business. That is why we offer a solution to clean, sanitize, deodorize and maintain your organizations dumpsters and trash containers all an in eco-friendly manner. Your employees will be thanking you, but most of all your customers will be thanking you.

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Window Washing

Eco-Clean offers commercial and residential window cleaning services, using a purified water cleaning application. Why pure water, and what does this mean for my windows? The mineral free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot free windows without the use of chemical. It keeps windows cleaner longer leaving no residue or build up on the surface.

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Trash Chute Cleaning

The smell of a dirty trash chute could be a menacing problem to residents and property managers alike. As well, unkempt trash rooms and trash chutes bring a host of bacterial issues, not to mention the undesirables they attract. Eco-clean’s trash bin cleaning solution offers a simple an effective solution to clean, sanitize, and maintain your buildings trash chutes.

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Trash Compactor Cleaning

Why let your smelly trash compactor deter potential business? Eco-clean offers a solution to clean, sanitize, deodorize and maintain your organizations trash compactors; all an in eco-friendly manner. We come right to your business with our self-contained truck; where we will degrease and pressure wash your compactors, leaving them squeaky clean and smelling great.

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Loading Dock Cleaning

Your businesses loading docks should be just as clean as the inside of your store. Customers are easily impressed by a sense of “curb appeal”. Eco-cleans solution breathes new life to your loading docks, all while preserving the integrity of the environment. All chemicals used are EcoLogo certified; not-to-mention we recapture all waste-water.

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Shopping Cart Cleaning

Shopping carts are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Protect your customers’ health, and use us to clean your stores shopping carts. We disinfect, and sanitize your carts with eco-friendly products, and use a high-temperature wash to ensure that 99.9% of bacteria and germs are eliminated. Your customers will be thanking you.

Exterior Cleaning Solutions to Fit all of Your Needs

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